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MM Plåtsslageri & Bygg ▪️Roofing and repairs ▪️14 years experience in roofing and construction ▪️Service based on individuality and quality 🆘Emergency help 📲 0735319154


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Referensjobb "" utfört av MM Plåtslageri & Bygg

Referensjobb "Nya takventilationslister" utfört av MM Plåtslageri & Bygg

Nya takventilationslister

Tre takventilationslist installerad idag💪 #mmplatslageri #areco #oskarshamn #kalmarlän #plåtarbete

Referensjobb "Ny fassad - Renoverat ruttet burspråk" utfört av MM Plåtslageri & Bygg

Ny fassad - Renoverat ruttet burspråk

House with a spectacular view 😍🤩 And now with a new aluminum facade that replaced the rotten wooden facade. #mmplatslageri #areco #oskarshamn #mysingsö #fasad #fönsterbleck

Referensjobb "Takmålning efter fuktskad" utfört av MM Plåtslageri & Bygg

Takmålning efter fuktskad

Sometimes things go wrong even during the most perfectly planned days, don’t they?! 🙈 It was on those super stormy and rainy autumn days when the wind went crazy and rain got under the temporary roof cover and ruined this beautiful painted ceiling. 😱 We were lucky enough to be friends with this amazing and talented artist who came over from Latvia and lent us her magic hands. She did an excellent job with restoring this piece of art. 😍 ☝🏻By the way - without using any stencils. So.. a wall artist is available now with MM Plåtslageri och Bygg 🤠 #ceilingart #ceilingrestoration #art #stencilart #mmplatslageri #oskarshamn #påskallavik


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